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Nurse Practitioner Use Of Sublingual Nitroglycerin In Stable Ischemic Coronary Heart Disease
Nurse Practitioner Use Of Sublingual Nitroglycerin In Stable Ischemic Coronary Heart Disease
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Abstract Problem Assertion: Coronary artery disease is a number one cause of loss of life in the United States. Thousands and thousands of People have some form of cardiovascular illness, together with angina. Angina affects quality of life. Sublingual nitroglycerin (SLNTG) is a mainstay of therapy for the self-administration of angina. Literature suggests a discordance exists between guideline suggestions and SLNTG prescribing practices. Purpose: To establish data, Buy Mycofin online limitations, and present observe of Nurse Practitioners (NPs) in major care and specialty clinics in North Carolina (NC) in using SLNTG within the stable ischemic coronary heart disease (SIHD) affected person. Questions: (1) Do NPs in NC working towards in major care and specialty clinics report an understanding of using SLNTG for the self-administration of angina? (2) Do NPs report an understanding of contraindications for the use of SLNTG? (3) Does the understanding and utilization of SLNTG within the SIHD affected person differ amongst follow specialties (reminiscent of major care in comparison with cardiology)? Methods: This Physician of Nursing Apply mission was a non-experimental, cross-sectional, quantitative venture utilizing a descriptive survey administered through electronic-mail to a comfort sample of 2236 NPs in NC. Evaluation: Frequency distribution was used to attain the respondents right responses. Understanding and utilization of SLNTG amongst apply specialties was assessed with Chi-square for independence. Significance: Nurse practitioner respondents were much less knowledgeable about SLNTG as premedication for Buy Flucoder online effort-induced angina; but had been conscious of appropriate dosing of SLNTG, use of SLNTG with phosphodiesterase inhibitors and when to substitute SLNTG.

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